Psychological and Behavioral Services

Therapy Services

Our team emphasizes treatment and support to:

  • Reduce Challenging Behavior often associated with autism, such as rigidity, disruptive behaviors (screaming, repetitive speech), and noncompliance (not following directions, unable to stop an activity).
  • Build Social Communication and Play Skills in young children with ASD using a naturalistic behavioral approach
  • Improve Peer Interactions by offering social skill programs to teach children how to make and keep friends.
  • Improve Adaptive Skills to promote independent living and increase quality of life. Skills addressed are based on individual needs. Adaptive skills may include: Toileting, dressing, hand washing, teeth brushing, completing chores, improving homework habits, and interview skills.
  • Manage Emotional/Attention Concerns (e.g., Anxiety, Depression, ADHD) to address issues such as low self-esteem, worries, fears, sadness, inattention, or understanding the diagnosis.

The therapy models that are used in our center are evidence-based. These treatments include:

  • Applied Behavior Analysis (Pivotal Response Treatment, Early Start Denver Model)
  • Structured Teaching (TEACCH)
    • Cognitive Behavior Therapy

    For families residing outside of the Bay Area: