Insurance Guidelines

The UCSF Center for ASD & NDDs Insurance Coverage Information

Our Clinic Coordinator will verify your benefits before an initial visit. Given the complexities of insurance coverage, we recommend that you verify coverage with your insurance carrier directly. Your insurance plan may not cover all of the services even if we are an “in-network” service provider. Each plan is unique and may have restrictions. Unfortunately, insurance verification or authorizations do not guarantee payment by your insurance company.

Insurance Companies that generally consider our center “In-Network”: Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Cigna, Health Net, Medi-Care (Part A and B), United Healthcare, Kaiser (* in-network rates apply if there is a referral from a Kaiser doctor)

Unfortunately, we cannot accept Medi-Cal as primary/stand-alone insurance, including all state or county health plan. Moreover, we cannot accept the self-pay fee or cash payment for Medi-Cal.

Download Insurance Guide Here

For further information, please visit the UCSF Health Billing & Insurance.