Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation

*Please note: We are currently not accepting new patients for evaluations. Please check back in March 2022. 


We provide comprehensive diagnostic evaluations and treatment plans from infancy to adulthood. All of our clinicians specialize in evaluating and caring for individuals with autism spectrum disorders and are skilled in distinguishing ASD from other conditions.

A diagnostic evaluation can be initiated by parents, yourself, or through a referral from a physician or other community-based practitioner.

*At this time, we are only offering first time diagnostic assessment for individuals 21 years of age and younger. If you are an adult with an existing diagnosis, we are able to serve you by providing an updated evaluation (if needed) or by providing one of our specific treatment programs developed for adults.

A team of clinicians will work with you and your family to design an individualized diagnostic evaluation that will likely include:

  • Intake appointment: Our social worker meets with you to gather background information to inform the assessment plan
  • Testing Appointments: Appointments are led by a psychologist, psychiatrist, and additional clinical team members as needed. Evaluations are scheduled on three separate mornings (for approximately 3-4 hours each visit) to gather the following information:
    • Detailed developmental, medical, and family history from parents or caregivers
    • Developmental or cognitive testing to assess thinking, learning and problem solving skills
    • Reciprocal social communication evaluation through direct assessment
    • Speech and language assessment as needed
    • Additional assessment as needed for other mental health concerns
  • Feedback Appointment: A feedback session is held after the 3rd testing appointment. At this meeting, our team will discuss with you our diagnostic impressions and treatment recommendations.
  • Follow-up Appointment: Our clinical social worker will meet with you again to follow-up on your assessment, answer any questions you have regarding our team’s recommendations or any other issues/concerns, and help you connect with appropriate services at UCSF or in the community.

 Please contact our clinic coordinator at [email protected] for more information. We are happy to speak with you in more detail about our services.